Mark Walton

Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellow & Associate Professor

Thomas Akam

Post-doctoral fellow
(Wellcome Trust)

Marta Blanco Pozo

Wellcome DPhil student
(with Tim Behrens)

Laura Grima

Post-doctoral fellow
(Wellcome Trust)

Hironori Ishii

Post-doctoral fellow
(Wellcome Trust)

Marios Panayi

Post-doctoral fellow
(MRC grant with David Bannerman)

Sebastian Vásquez-López

Junior Research Fellow
(with Tim Behrens)


Inês Barreiros

Biosciences DTP DPhil student
(with Tim Behrens)

Lauren Burgeno

Post-doctoral fellow
(NSF Fellowship, with Steph Cragg)

Oliver Härmson

Clarendon DPhil student
(with Andy Sharott)

Thomas Jahans-Price

Post-doctoral fellow
(MRC grant with David Bannerman)

Veronika Samborska

Research assistant
(with Tim Behrens)

Xudong Wang

Post-doctoral fellow
(with Tim Behrens) 


Thomas Blackmore

iCASE DPhil student
(Lilly UK, with David Bannerman)

Cheng Chen

Post-doctoral fellow
(with Tim Behrens)

Anna Huber

Post-doctoral fellow
(BBSRC grant with Liz Tunbridge)

George Jenkins

iCASE DPhil Student

Mason Silveira

Post-doctoral fellow
(NSERC fellowship)


Current Collaborators

Heiko Backes & Rachel Lippert
MPI, Cologne, Germany

Sebastien Bouret
ICM, Paris, France

Masud Husain
EP, Oxford

Joe Paton
Champalimaud, Lisbon, Portugal

Elizabeth Tunbridge
Psychiatry, Oxford


David Bannerman
EP, Oxford

Francois Gastembide
Lundbeck, Denmark

Peter Magill
MRC BNDU, Oxford

Matthew Rushworth
EP, Oxford


Tim Behrens
NDCN, Oxford

Gary Gilmour
Eli Lilly U.K.

Jill O'Reilly
EP, Oxford

Jerome Sallet
EP, Oxford




Bolton Chau (DPhil 2010-2014).  Research Assistant Professor, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Tzu-Ching Esther Lin (RA 2010-2011).  Post-doc with Rob Honey at University of Cardiff

Mathieu Baudonnat (Post-doc 2012-2014).  UX designer for Capgemini S.A., France

Anushka Fernando (Post-doc 2013-2015, with David Bannerman).  Post-doc with Andrew Macaskill at UCL

Emilie Syed (Post-doc 2012-2015, with Peter Brown and Pete Magill).  Post-doc with Pete Magill at the MRC BNDU Oxford

Georgios Papageorgiou (DPhil 2011-2016).  Post-doc with Ann Graybiel at MIT

Oliver Härmson (Visiting RA 2015-16).  Candidate physician, University of Tartu, Estonia, soon to return for a DPhil here

Steven Cuell (DPhil 2012-2017).  Medical writer at Oxford PharmaGenesis

Clio Korn (DPhil 2012-2017).  Post-doc with Vikas Sohaal at UCSF

Caroline Jahn (PhD Paris 2014-2018).  Post-doc with Tim Buschman at Princeton

Emilie Werlen (Post-doc 2016-2018). Data analyst