Mark Walton
email: mark.walton <at>
tel: +44 (0)1865 271361

We are always keen to hear from talented people interested in joining the lab.  For potential post-docs, as well as positions funded through grants (see the News page for current vacancies), there are various fellowship schemes that might be appropriate, including through the Wellcome Trust and Royal Society.  Please email me directly if you're interested in applying.

For potential graduate students, check out the course details on the Experimental Psychology website here.  The Wellcome Trust 4-year doctoral programme is a route that we strongly recommend investigating.  Admissions for the academic year (which starts in October) are in January of the same year.  Except in exceptional circumstances, we only take on candidates who already have proven experience in behavioural neuroscience.  

Given the regulated nature of our work, we are sadly limited in the hands-on experience we can offer undergraduates or academic visitors.  However, for keen people willing to commit for longer periods, we are always happy to try to find projects that might suit.